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Normale Version: Copy from old Plots to new Plots!
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Dear Realiquianer!

Now is time to move only Houses from oldplotworld (without chests, no farms) to the new Plotworld.

I need pls names from all User what this want and i need to know where i can paste the Houses. When i am not online then pls put a sign on a Plot and tell me in this thread the coordinaten from the new plot.

many thanks Smile
jiop109 the plot with the mountian
Jiop ... done
could you please move my plot over?
I would like to have my stone storage house and basement copied from the old plotworld. I would like it pasted at -230, 360. Preferably in the corner facing inward. If you need the file, I have my plot saved and can send a schematic of the house.
It looks like this:
done mitch Smile

@ oil: too much farm, sorry
Drara can you get rid of that horrid excuse of a thing on my plot with my old house, I may want to use it should I return.
I may or may not want my parkour puzzle transfer over, I donno if i wanna give up a plot for it.
@flylich ... done
Drara may I have my 2x2 plot of my mansion copies across please? And also were an I put all my things if I have no town and plot world is being reset?
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