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Just state something obvious. Maximum 3 obvious things per posts!

I am alive!

WastedEpic is great!

Drara and Bribonna are the best admins I know (Akai too, just fyi!)
Mountain Dew is amazing

This server is "Da Best" (Quotes are for the Da part not me being sarcastic Tongue)

We need food
I am evil
Corrog is Canadian
Akai is THE best admin!
I Like Tacos
I Like Fried Tacos
I like Soft Tacos
Lemur is best.
Looting like tacos.
This thread stupid.
I have never had a taco.
Bribona is best admin.
This thread is probably going to turn into spam.
I have no life.

Mathematically my chances of getting a girlfriend are close to zero in the next year

I'm Korean.
I have a life

I love my Job, but hate my bosses.

Mess with my family and I'll find someway to "Return the Favor"
Reliquia is the best
All you guys are awesome! (that includes u death Big Grin)
Salamanders are awesome Tongue
Falcons are better than Salymandrs.

I like Minecraft

I am the parkour master.
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