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Dear Reliquianer!

We have 4 Plotspaw-ideas was user did build. I want to say: Thank you guys for your great ideas and it will be really hard to decide which one is the best looking for our server.

Look at it and then decide which one should win.

You can find the spawns with:

/warp jack
/warp looting
/warp spec
/warp leighkong

This poll is 3 days open, then we will close it and copy the winnerspawn in plotworld and give all winner the prizes Smile

Good luck to all <3
Tongue <3
So, I voted by looking for a few things in every build: beauty and originality, and practicality.


So JAckh45's build:

Beauty and originality: The build is truly amazing; JAck managed to match colors and managed to light up the place without problems. He has succesfully illustrated the "Relic" part of Reliquia with details and perfection. Floating ruins, torches, vines. Everything looks great.

Practicality: JAck may have thought about a lot of things, by adding portals and enchanting tables, but one problem is, 4 of the portals are in the air, on the floating island; that means only VIPs can access it, which is what has caused JAck to lose some points.


Spec_Ops_Ninja's build:

Beauty and originality: Western themed: I like it. From the church and the graveyard to the train station, going by the library and the tavern, Spec managed to make this spawn greatly. The only issue, and I hope to be wrong on this, is that some of the buildings and the train look A LOT like what Kolnedra made before, and I recall hearing Spec talking about copying stuff. I hope I am wrong, and I shall give Spec the benefit of the doubt... for now...

Practicality: As much as this spawn looks great, this one does not show as much practicality as some of Spec's competition. Unless the portals are in one of the buildings I could not access because of lack of permissions, no portals can be found anywhere else. And even if the portals could be found in the
buildings I could not access, people would get lost looking for them, which is the contrary of practical.


Looting's build:

Beauty and originality: Like the old German spawn on A*******, the tree looting created is truly amazing. And if you look close, you can see... [spoilers!]

Practicality: As much as I appreciate looting's art and amazing builds, I have the regret to admit that the portals he placed on the side of the tree are not practical. Basically, you have to be a good parcour master to reach some of them, or if you want to go to farming, you might end up finding the way to the creative one... Sorry looting, you lost some points there.


Leighkong's build:

*Now Leigh, I don't want to take this personally, This is just a point of view, people might disagree with what I shall say here.

Beauty and originality: A tower. We have a tower as a spawn at the moment, but a change could be nice. Now, talking as a Designer point of view (sorry, going professional here), the match in color of the floor... is a little bit eclectic... But the Reliquia logo in redstone and gold looks amazing.

Practicality: Just like Spec's build, Leighkong did not add any portals to different worlds, giving the advantage to JAck and Looting. But Lei did manage to add a crafting table and some furnaces to help those who could need it. Appart from that, the lava in the center, some people (idiots, ern, sorry, I mean noobs) will try and see if they will get hurt by it, loosing all their stuff and raging at staff to get it back.


With all of this said, the vote has been difficult. I have to say, Spec's build was really tempting, but lacked the portals to other worlds. Also, Looting's was fun to look around, finding out hidden stuff. But I guess even though 4 portals would be extremely hard to get by some people, JAck's build is going to be my choice.

Sorry people, but thank you for trying.
Corrog, you know this is just a Plot-World spawn right? So it only *needs *one place for a "portal" to go back to the server spawn which is now towny. But I really liked reading your analysis of their builds. I pretty much agree with all you said.
(08-20-2013, 03:18 PM)Corrog schrieb: [ -> ]4 of the portals are in the air, on the floating island; that means only VIPs can access it, which is what has caused JAck to lose some points.

I was told that the Admins didnt want portals, since as Burial stated "Just go back to towny and find them all there."

However I feel it stupid to have to go from Portal world -> Towny -> Farming (or any other world that isnt towny)

I wanted an efficient spawn, not just a middle man. So I asked Drara if I could add portals but make them only available to VIP users since it meets both our requirements and she agreed, and so I added them.

Thus you need to fly to get to my portals.
And I would state I think all users should be able to fly in portal world anyway, but that's another discussion for later. Wink
It's plot world, not portal world Tongue But thanks for the explanation
As Jack me asked about the portals only for Vip's, i did like this idea, because i think we need more specialfeature for our Vip's, they deserve it Smile

Spec Ops Ninja

@Corrog Thx for your input, fun to read, but in fact, like Looting's and Jack's builds, I too have portals in a house on the spawn that will be set as a region for only VIP's and up to use...

EDIT: Also Corrog, I know that some things may look a little similar to Kolnedra's, thats only because Western towns can only go so far with independence and design... Furthermore, I 100% never copy things, thats wrong on so many levels, This spawn was never originally meant to be a spawn, I originally built it because EpicLombax asked me to do it (No point in stating why, you can ask him yourself). I built this on a different server completely and then had it sent here as a schematic. Don't know where you heard me say anythig about "copying" but I'll take your word for it I guess. Finally, if you do not believe me on this, which I hope you do, then you can contact me on some witnesses that I have...
Ah ok, so VIP's get access to direct portals from plot world to any other world. I get it. That's cool, More incentive to donate! Tongue
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