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Well everyone, I'm stepping down as admin for Reliquia. I don't want this to become dramatic in any way, but I thought I should make a post explaining the situation.

I've been with this community for a long time. I had a big role in the creation of Reliquia, from the name to server ideas to building to advertising. It was my baby. But I feel like I can't give it the attention it needs or deserves from me anymore. No, I am not leaving the community. No, this is not due to some secret staff drama. My real life has been very busy and frankly in my free time, I don't feel like playing Minecraft most of the time. Who knows, maybe not being an admin will make me want to play more. I don't look at this as quitting. I look at it as retiring. I'll probably try and find a nice piece of land in someone's town to settle down in and build a nice home for myself there.

To the Players:

Now, aside from my real life schedule another contributing factor to my stepping down is this. Managing this server and community has just felt like such a struggle the last few months. This is largely because there has been a group of players who seem to have a strong dislike for the staff and do not trust the staff, and believe the staff cheats. No matter what we have done as admins, this (incorrect) belief persists. There has been chatter about people leaving the community, starting different servers, trying to convince others in the community to leave... I love this community, but I just cant do it anymore. I have tried so hard to be diplomatic, and convince players that the staff goes to indescribable lengths to ensure they do not abuse their power. No matter what we as admins decided to do, it always seemed wrong in some peoples minds. I've given all I have to this server and this community. I feel like I've been trying to settle dramatic crisis after dramatic crisis, and I'm worn out. Maybe i was trying too hard to micro manage, and all it needed was to be left alone. Who knows... I guess we'll find out. The point I'm making is this: The staff of Reliquia are good people. They want to have fun just like you. They want to provide you with an enjoyable experience. That's all. They aren't trying to cheat so they have better stuff (after all, why would they/ When you have access to any item you want, they tend to lose their value or that "special" feel.) The same goes for money. Why would they cheat money? Or give themselves diamonds to get money? They can just use a command and have millions of coins. There is no point. So again, the staff does not cheat, they do not abuse their power, they do not "hate" certain players, especially to the point where they would make something up to sabotage them. They are good people.

*Children should look away from reading this next part*

P.S. When I refer to the "group of people" who do not like or trust the staff, I am not naming specific people, but I know who you are. All the admins do, they aren't stupid. And frankly, you fucking assholes should feel ashamed of yourselves for causing so much dramatic bullshit. Seriously you're behaving like teenage girls. Grow the fuck up. It's a god damn video game, so fucking relax. All the staff ever tries to do is make you guys happy, and make the gaming experience as fun as possible for the most amount of people possible. And you guys have been giving them nothing but grief and stress. That, is a large reason for why I am stepping down by the way. I know some of these people happened to trust me more than some other admins, but ultimately it's your bullshit that has made me not want to play the last couple months. Hopefully my being a regular player on the server will help in opening your fucking eyes and I will be more than happy to lend you my skills in removing your head from your ass.

To the Staff:

I love you guys. I don't really know how else to put it. I know we have had plenty of arguments and fights about server stuff, but when it came right down to it, we felt like a family. And it saddens me beyond words to say goodbye to that family. We had a lot of fun together, and I really hope you continue to work hard to make Reliquia great. I know Looting is doing some root work now, and I really believe he can help Reliquia be even better, so I ask you to please allow him the flexibility to make the server (and website) awesome. I still want to continue playing games with you all. I have some really great memories that I will never forget. Of course if you ever need my help or my opinions/ideas about anything server related, I would be more than happy to help. I wish you all the best of luck, and I beg you not to give up on this community. It is so worth all the hard work you've put into it, even if at times it seems pointless, or like you want to quit. Don't. Keep going. Stay strong. This community is so special, and so cool and has so many great people in it.

Anyway, I think I've talked enough. See you all in game!

Too Long; Didn't Read:

I'm stepping down as admin because of real life demands and because some of the players are dramatic assholes who haven't quite hit puberty yet, it seems. I'm not leaving the community, in fact I anticipate playing minecraft more often now that I don't have the responsibilities of being an admin. Feel free to message me on skype, steam, in game or on the forums if you want to talk!
Thank you for your time and help as Admin what you did spend us and good to know that we don't lose you as player.
We had our ups and downs but over the last few months I feel we are healing old wounds (mostly my resent to some past decisions).
I do however feel you are a man of your word, I've never known you to talk behind someone's back and you are pretty upfront in taking blame or owning up to certain things. So that in-turn has regained my respect for you.
It sucks to see you step down, but I also know what it feels like to work/deal with real life then to log on and have a butt ton of shit to deal with when all you want to do is chillax and play games with mates.
I know most of the time, I've been a thorn in your side (at-least mostly in the past) but I do feel that our little bickering helped the server evolve for the better. Having a simple "yes" man is never good, I hope you see that.
We share the same passions and that's for Reliquia to strive and be amazing.
Sorry to see you go, but happy to welcome you back!
I will look forward to playing games with you Smile
Thanks for the kind words Jack, its appreciated. And I too am looking forward to getting back to the good old days and playing some games with you.

Drara, you are welcome of course. I'm glad I could help when I was able to.
You were a great admin, aswell as a great leader. Its a shame that you are stepping down but things need a fall apart to became great things
I will not say goodbye because it is not a goodbye ... but I'll celebrate today that you opened your mouth and told the truth

you were a good admin - we all had our up and downs. thanks for all you have done to the server
I hope I am not a reason q.q
Thanks for your hard work, Burial. We haven't interacted much, but I have nothing but respect for you and all that you've done for the server. I must say, though, this does come as a shock for me, seeing you, an admin- one of the constants I had on the server- stepping down. I respect your decision, of course, and wish you the best.
Burial i hope i see you in a mmo agian
(08-23-2013, 02:16 PM)Joker561 schrieb: [ -> ]I hope I am not a reason q.q

yep, all you.
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