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So I was laying in bed last night just thinking of life, and the people I've met here. And just thought what if I never watched that "RPG Makers" video I'd never have joined Reliquia over 2 years ago. Which made me wonder what it would be like if I'd never any of you.

So, what brought you to Reliquia and how long have you been here?
I joined the anthrox forums last spring because joker made me. Then I followed you guys over here, onto Reliquia, because you guys were all so nice (except for JAck, but when he's mean, I know he's actually being nice). Then through nefarious plots I was able to obtain a legitimate Minecraft account, so I started on the server.
I joined sometime around... October when gummy and I had to share an account Rolleyes I didn't play much but when Minecraft updated I wasn't able to play. Then reliquia updated at some point and I had no idea Tongue So then one day (when we had our own profiles) gummy mentioned that reliquia updated and that is how I joined (for the second time because of my bad observations Tongue)
I joined Reliquia on January 1st, 2013 because cande told me to join. Within a few days I had an account on the website.
I joined the community in October of 2011 (during Anthrox 1.8), so almost 2 years ago after Kup, a good friend of mine, told me about the server. After the end on Anthrox, I joined Reliquia from the beginning, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time with the community.
Somewhere far far in the past a good friend of mine from VoxelBox mentioned Jesse Cox in passing while we were hanging out, I joined on the server and found that it was everything that the Voxelbox lacked and some of the things I enjoyed. I left VoxelBox after I became mayor of Svellhiem and met one of my best friends Epiclombax. Ive been here ever since... except the ocasional visit back to VoxelBox.
I joined shortly after Jesse released that video advertising Anthrox, I joined Reliquia the moment it was up and haven't looked back
I joined around Christmas of last year Tongue I didn't know what to do on minecraft so I went on here! This is my favorite server, because there are so many wonderful people that play <3
I am the same way looting i joined 2 years ago after watching RPG makers!! and wow i have made a lot if friends in the server and became closer to some i never talked to in real life before the server. (ChuckTesta98 and DanielRockcastle. And i want to say thanks for all you guys and i love this server

EDIT** and Kitten Big Grin
I joined after seeing the RPG Makers doing a tour of the old Anthrox server. I became a trial mod about the time they broke off and I stayed with Anthrox because by then I had learned that Jesse doesn't play on his server :p Eventually became a full mod and then admin :p
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