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Since Bribona was so cruel (jk) and deleted my old thread during her frantic cleaning of the forums, I am forced to remake this :p

For those who are unaware, I like to draw, and I am frequently drawing. Some people think I can draw well and so I've decided to do art commissions. Before it was to replace my art tablet pen but now its just cause =D. I sell my art for 10 dollars. For 10 dollars you can get a picture of your skin or original character like this:

[Bild: HR2SpWO.png][Bild: 6NJhcDD.png][Bild: QbnB4hm.png]
A simple figure on a white or transparent background.

But Wait! Let's say you want something more then that! You want backgrounds! And details! You want a higher quality piece of art and you are willing to spend your money on it! Perhaps you want something like one of these:
[Bild: pkd9e2F.png][Bild: 2AWulK8.png][Bild: CSYO61b.png]
Well if you want something like one of these, then talk to me and we will negotiate prices. Please note I will not accept anything less than 15 dollars for these.

But wait! How do you order a piece of art you ask? Well simple, send me a message here on the site saying what you would like. If you order a minecraft skin picture, I ask that you do not change your skin till you have your picture.

Still unsure?! Why then listen to these great reviews:
"I LOVE IT! omg!"
"Looks great!"

Those are the only ones I have, but I'm sure others are pleased with their picture! Don't delay! Order today!
I only can say one thing.

As an aspiring artist, I can only say that Akai's art leaves me in awe and I check out her drawings trying to learn from them Smile go Akai!
~Special Deal!~

Is 5 dollars too much for you? Well special deal time! For the moment I will also accept commisions for headshots! Great for signatures and avatars! For 2 dollars you can have a fancy picture drawn of your character with neat crisp lines. For 3 dollars I'll color it! Don't be afraid order today!
Lootings Commission:

[Bild: lUqcXSw.png]

(Sorry Rabbi)
And here I was thinking we were friends... Tongue
For Bri
[Bild: OjO5wMS.png]
ohh la la Bri!
oh my god awesome Big Grin <3 i love it!!
Me ordering one now!
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