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Basically just a place to put unfinished and abandoned artworks that will never be finished and rather then leaving them to rot in my folder for all eternity, I'll upload the half decent ones starting with these two:
[Bild: d2JKJDl.png][Bild: TLaUDwK.png]
So everyone porbably knows I do speed paintings but what you probable don't know is that before starting I do several warm up sketches to decide on the pose I want and do a rough layout of how the picture will look. Sometimes the pictures never make it past the warm up though.

[Bild: GfWXFfS.png]

This one I finished and put the video together but I was unhappy with how it turned out. So maybe it was a good thing that Squeenix through all the copyright claims at the vid

[Bild: xPtWtxv.png]
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