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Normale Version: well IDK if I posted this here or not but...
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Here is a doodle I drew during Summer School (for that extra credit yo!)
[Bild: DCEC068A09D1797EAB96D34A01D08374B2DB3C2A]
I mostly used an old photo from tribes... anyways enjoy the rest of your day

I doodled, how it look?

and.... the subject is so long it broke quick reply XD
EDIT: fixed
Thats good ^^ I'm so horrible at drawing robots o.o
It's great, Joker!
I invite you all to look at my drawing of Martha as a sloth (it's her skype and teamspeak picture) that's as good as my artistic ability will get ... Also it's awesome joker
I remember seeing that skin... You sent it to me during class! Well, I'm glad this exists Joker, VGS forever.
It look good! Reminds me of when Burial, Corrog, and I played Tribes, and I drew these:
Haha good times... We should find another game to play together Epic! Either borderlands, or wow or something. Im going to have a lot more time after Oct. 5th because thats when I take a major test and then I can relax.

But nice job Joker, I like the detail in the legs!
I'm waiting on a friend to start playing DnD Neverwinter. Maybe you could join me, I'd create a character for this
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