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The Rabbi's thread got me thinking about collections...

There's so many collections I want to continue, and a couple I've got...

So let's talk about the things we cherish enough to get gazillions more of them.

For me, it's keyboards. Mechanical keyboards... I'm eyeing a CM Storm Quickfire, Tenkeyless, with Cherry MX Blues to grab next Smile And let's not get started on the small mouse collection I've started up... or headsets...
I collect postcards actually, I have a stack of ones I've gotten on trips or ones friends have bought for me. I get a lot because postcards are so cheap friends don't mind grabbing one for me while on vacation ^^.
Hmmm.... I guess my one right now is Warhammer: Warriors of Chaos
I would love to talk about collections. Ever since I was a kid, I've been collecting different stuff. From action figures to video games to memorabilia, etc. One of my favorites has to be collecting video games. Even up to now, I've been playing different games on the PC. The two games that come to mind are battle cats pc and roblox pc. These are my favorite games to play right now. They are so fun and addicting. I've been seeing the reviews and people seem to love playing this game as well. Make sure to check these games out.