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Hey peoplez,

Since its getting close to Christmas, I have had a bunch of stuff on my mind. Silly stuff at that, such as "what would JT want for Christmas?" and stuff like that. Big Grin Since I'm bored and talkative, I have one question! What is everyone's favorite christmas song, and what do you think christmas really means? Smile just wondering! Merry Close to Christmas!

What about Thanksgiving?
(11-19-2013, 08:46 PM)USA_Apollo_Man schrieb: [ -> ]What about Thanksgiving?

And hanukkah/chanukah/hanuka

But anyways mine is the trans-siberian orchestra's rendition of carol of the bells.
Apollo thanksgiving is eating till you explode and there ain't no thanksgiving songs XD
Any rendition of Carol of the Bells; but I will say this: thePianoGuys have the best version (in my opinion as a classically trained quasi-pianist).

What does Christmas really mean? Well, I have a friend who wrote an entire paper on that, but here's my view: it's time you can spend with your family- or anyone that you consider to be close to you. The people who are precious to you in your heart. It's a time to show the love in your heart for others, and to reaffirm a universal faith in humanity.
My favorite christmas song? I may be old school, but I will always have in mind the *original* Chipmonks christmas songs. I would listen to the old rendition on tapes when I was a kid and I've been marked for life.

Also, I would like to say that there is a movie I shall start watching on the first of december, and it is "A christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey.

But there is one thing I shall always says about Christmas. People, wait for December before doing stuff for christmas, PLEASE! There are 24 days before christmas. We don't need more!
Does TSO count?
(11-20-2013, 12:38 AM)EpicLombax schrieb: [ -> ]Does TSO count?

I did have fun with that game with the free trial version. I met a nice Spanish lady. I was 15, she was 21...
@Looting....not exactly, I meant Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You know, the "Wizards in Winter" piece:
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