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I've been doing a lot of fan-art recently... Can't help it, and it keeps my drawing skills in shape when I don't have a lot of time.

Aragorn in poor resolution: [Bild: C2ynk7m.jpg]

Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist in poor resolution: [Bild: CXuFkF9.jpg]

Some more stuff:

[Bild: WjLinDJ.jpg]

[Bild: mGSnP2h.jpg]

[Bild: Rm9OCRb.jpg]

[Bild: YzDcxra.jpg]

[Bild: e2tBsHk.jpg]

[Bild: Y4WeBzV.jpg]

(guy in the background is saying "He's Scary...."
I like the one with the cat

And the fourth one looks like Duke Nukem is that him? XD
Thanks, kitten Smile
The 4th one isn't Duke Nukem, but is a character from One Piece: Film Z (the main antagonist, Zephyr). I do suspect that is is based on Duke Nukem, though.
Death honestly man feel free to slap the art you are doing for me up there when done. XD.
Even though no one will know who the drawing is of.
Death's an Artist?! OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooooo...........
Yes, if you can call a hobbyist an artist. I'm not very good, compared to people like Akai :3

If you want me to, I shall. Thy will be done.
Another one, this was for entgan!

[Bild: GEZHoNK.jpg]
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