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Normale Version: Soo Here is why I haven't been on at all
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Some of you (death, Sal, stew, USA, and Gummy (Also Pokematt thanks to him being on TS.)) know this, but unfortunately things have changed slightly.

Basically recently I've been a Ghost on the server and site here. First I updated my MC, it's not hard to switch back but I've been kinda lazy about gaming. Secondly I've broke my "vow" that some older players, from the end of Anthrox to now, know about (me never dating after my last ex) and I've been seeing a very awesome woman that I've known for ages. Actually been spending almost all my spare time with her which is why I'm almost never seen ANYWHERE.

I told those that know that I was moving across the USA in January, kinda changed, now I'm moving before Christmas, the 18th is the hopeful day of my flight from Pennsylvania to Oregon. Although it sounds like i haven't been wanting to play on the server or talk to you all, that is not the case. I do miss many of you, heck I even miss me always taking jacks constructive criticism the wrong way. However once i am over in Orgeon and my PC arrives I do plan on coming back and playing on the server. Heck even the woman i'm with may play here (She needs to get an account) once i get out there. Till then see you all, and later.
Ent, my dear friend! Congratulations! I'm going to look forward to seeing you on the server!
Good luck Entgan and maybe we see you and your gf on the server.
I wish you the best Smile
Hey there Mich_Gusta! I will add you in the game and let us finish quest together so we can grind faster. I will also help you on some events in the game that needed my assistance. desde este enlace among us pc to start your adventure in this spaceship game that is being played by millions of players worldwide.