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Since I cannot post on the Server Shop poll I figured Id get around to posting this.

I believe it would be a good idea to sell mob spawners in the server shops for "expensive" prices. Im not talking like 30K price (honestly thats a bit unfair) but something along the lines of 1-2.5k per spawner. We dont want them everywhere but it would be nice to be able to make a device that spawned pigs for cooking (since spawn eggs dont work) and it would give people an incentive to try out new things.
+1 from me, Fly. That'd give me something to save up for now.
I approve
WTB 10x Pig Spawners
WTB 10X Skeleton spawners
We, the Adminteam, are talking about it.

When we have a solution, we let you all know.
JAckh talked to me about it a little last night. People please understand your placement of these must be 100% correct because you cant pick them up. Also understand if you have one of these you need to protect it somehow because you cannot deadbolt them. There would of course be NO REFUNDS if this happens so just consider this!
Problem is also, with plot world and animals/mobs... never really works right.
So this means they would only be set to stay in towny... and then we would also have to limit the amount of spawners each users has.
We cant (even if super expensive) allow a single user to have 30 spawners...
We have been talking and will let you all know soon on the outcome.
I have a solution: why not set up a plot in plotworld with a few spawners where people would either get there animals and bring them back to their own plot, OR kill them on site.

Just an idea (I know, it might not work because of the permissions in plotworld)
When we do this: what is then happen with all the animals they are spawn when is someone near and no one need it?

This and some more problems what we must think at all.

But thanks for your input Smile
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