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Normale Version: What should my next Speed Paint be?
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So I'm kind of torn on what I want to draw next for a video so I thought I would leave it to you guys to decide!

Options are:
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Inuyasha (Anime)
Trine 2

So pick what you would like to see!
Probably Zelda purely for the fact I've never really played any Trine games and just haven't had much of a care for Inuyasha. It's of course your speed paint Akai, so go nuts and do whatever you want.

Man, is it dusty in here, or it just me?
Zelda since I have no clue what the others are Wink
No one would mind if I rigged the poll towards InuYasha?
Lol when I read comments I thought maybe it would be a closer race then I thought then I checked the results xD
TBH I did think about voting Inuyasha... but Zelda feels cooler in this particular speeddrawing that you're suggesting Tongue
(02-04-2014, 10:37 AM)JAckh45 schrieb: [ -> ]Zelda since I have no clue what the others are Wink
Glad I'm not the only one on that boat Tongue