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A (confirmed) rumour has it that the legendary Quake Live will be coming to Steam soon (release date TBD). It's a free to play Arena Shooter, and (from my highly biased perspective) is one of the best games out there right now.

Another rumour has it that this game will receive a series of updates that will make it friendlier for new players coming in... So if anybody wants to check it out, I'm considering buying a subscription (which is not needed for gameplay) so I can get my own server rolling. If anyone is interested in getting into this game, I'll make a clan for us, or see if my clan is interested in a merger...

Anyone up for it?
Well I got some Quake practise from the last two Qcons, granted it was Quake 3 Arena so I don't know how well that translates over, but I'd be more than willing to give it a go with an actual community, Reliquia has been way too quiet recently and I wanna see some effort from people for a revival. Get events together, get talking more, anything.
Q3A translates over fairly well. Physics will feel just a little different, and weapons are a bit more balanced (IMO, anyway). If we want regular events, we could pull together a team of at least 3 people (max 6) and hold regular scrims against my current clan, which has some newer players among experienced ones.
I would be down for that, you have my Steam account, so let me know when you've set that up and I'll see about grabbing Quake Live.
Yup, I'll shoot you a message when the game hits Steam. We're going to get the changes (hopefully soon so the older players can get used to them earlier)... Loadouts and some physics changes.

Let's see what happens Smile
Yay, I used to be quite good at Q3A... like 10 years ago.

But I'd love to play a revamped Quake!
Big Grin

The "noob-friendly" update is out now...

I find the lightning gun too weak, though I do need to re-train my strafe-accuracy.

On the whole, I think we can have a lot of fun with this game now, as long as we're on private servers.
Does the Railgun still rock as it used to?
80 damage, instead of 100, but that's not too bad. I'm favouring it over LG for mid combat atm, simply because the DPS has more potential now.
(09-01-2014, 10:20 PM)death_star_gone schrieb: [ -> ]not too bad.
cough hitscan cough
ps. hi guys I'm not dead
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