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Normale Version: Question for those WoW Players that are US sever based.
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What servers do most of you US players (if we have any here on Reliquia) play on? I am planning on reactivating (Paying the subscription and upgrading to the latest expansion) after I get my new PC this Christmas. Being one of the best Horde DPS, on my sever, Suv/MN (my Raid spec thanks to Dual spec) Hunters back in Cata, I would be willing to dish out enough cash to switch servers. Just to have people to run with since most of my old WoW Friends, even the seventeen RL freinds that I ran with from Vanilla to Cata, have quit playing.

I use to Play on Shandris(US).

PS My main's name will always be Ciron.
The most of us are german players on a eu-german server: Dethecus. But we have 2 from our community, jimjamjaj and sigge was did start on our server too.