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Normale Version: A Wasted Epic and Friends reunion. Who's in?
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It's been so long since we all played together or even just spoke to one another. It's good to remember the old days and smile at what dumb things we used to do. But you know what? That's not enough for me anymore!

Just thinking about a possible reunion put a smile on my face for hours the other day, or so my colleagues told me . So I took it upon myself to try and reach as many as the old friends I could to plan an event where we could have a chat. Heck, we might even play games together.

So who's with me? Who would like to hear what has been going on in people's lives?

I'll do my best to reach as many as I can, but you can do your part too! If you are still in contact with old players, let them know that this is happening. Who knows what will ensue!

It might not lead to anything, but if I can manage to speak to at least one person I haven't spoken to in forever and reminisce about old times, that will be a win in my book. But let's shoot for the moon!

If you are in, let me know what days are best for you. I will be setting up a poll with possible dates to see to that as many people can attend.

Thanks in advance!
And for some reason, my account got banned for spamming... forever... So this is a great start Tongue

Anyway, I made a video to try and reach as many people as I can and shared it via the old WastedEpic youtube channel. Thanks Akai for helping me with the account!

I just saw your Youtube video, Corrog! Good to hear from you!

I was thinking about you all and how long it has been. It's crazy to think how much has changed since then - how much we have all grown and changed. Just looking back through some of my old posts here on the forum (I can't believe it's still up and running) brings back so many happy memories.

Any way, I am super down to reconnect with you all. How cool would it be to have load in one of the old minecraft worlds?
Hey Kupr! Wow that a blast from the past just seeing your name!

Glad to hear that you saw the video! At least I know it works.

Just to have an idea, what is your prefered time (GMT) and day of the week that is best for you?
After 6pm eastern! (GMT-5)!
Hey guys, I just saw the video! I'd love to do a reunion. Thanks for taking the initiative, Corrog. Had to make a new account here because I don't know or remember the email address I used before.

Most days are good for me after 6PM Eastern as well. I think it's GMT-4 right now due to daylight savings. Sometimes I work tuesday/wednesday nights, but other than that I am around. Lots to catch up on, very curious to see what everyone has been up to over the years.

Maybe we can make a WastedEpic Discord we can all join and talk in? Looking forward to catching up!
BURIAL!!!!!!!! So glad you saw the video and so happy you are willing to partake in the reunion!

I take note of your availability. I'll make a poll soon, I just want to see if anyone joins in too
Sounds good! I hope others will join as well. But even if there's only 3 or 4 people, I think it would be worth doing!
Hey hey boys.

Im in.

Free on Mondays and Fridays any time, or Thursdays after 6pm pst.

LOOTING! That's awesome, man! I take note of this. I'll make the poll this Sunday. That should give everyone time to see the video
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