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Normale Version: Poll: A Wasted Epic and Friends reunion. Who's in and when?
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****Sorry for the double thread, wasn't able to post a poll in the other thread****

So here goes. I see that a lot of you are willing to participate in a reunion, so here are the options:

If you are unable to join us on any of these dates, let me know. We want to have as many of the old gang there.
Note: I voted 23rd and 30th, Friday evenings tend to be zoom date nights... doesn't mean I can't make either of the fridays at all, just not gonna be able to be in as long o.o
I am not able to join at this times because of work but I wish you all a lot of fun and if someone wants to stay in contact with me I'll be happy ?
Of course we'll stay in contact! Join us on the discord!
Hi Bribona! I'm sure all of us would like to stay in contact with you. We have all joined the Discord channel that Corrog linked above, and that Looting created. Now we can all talk anytime we want! I hope you will join us there Smile
after I looked on my workin plan, i see, that this times are not possibl for me. Because, like bribona, i have to work. perfect times always in the evening. so about 8pm GMT.
Ok people! I feel pretty certain that the 24th is the date that the majority of us are available. I will make a video soon that I will post on youtube via the WastedEpic channel to let people know.

Also, if you aren't available on this date, you are still welcome to join our Discord:
Okay people! It is official!

The reunion will be held on friday the 24th. The hours part is a bit complicated, so here is my try:

California: 5pm
Ontario, Quebec, New York, Boston: 8pm
Western Europe: 2am (Sorry)
Victoria (Australia): Saturday the 25th, 10am.

We won't discriminate if you are late (but we might laugh a bit if you usually were back in the days Tongue)

Now, the evening has somewhat of a schedule at first just so everyone gets their turn to speak. But when the planned part is done, it's free-for-all!

Some of us will also play on the Minecraft server (ask Looting or Martha to get whitelisted)

There will be laughs, and there will also be sad moments.

So I suggest that if you are of age, and if you drink, that you get something to toast to all these moments!

I hope to see all of you there, but even if you can't be there at all, make sure you still come and have fun on Discord. Even though we haven't spoken in forever, we are still a family!

See you soon friday on discord!