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Normale Version: Gaming is my way of life & excited to be in Reliquia Forum!
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Hi guys, I am jonas and believer in the fact that my life will be on one thing that gaming. Most of the people think that gaming is something one will play for fun, it may waste one's time and ruin his or her career but time has changed and gaming has been the real employer in the modern era.

Jonas from NamasteGod that is active in Hindi Pandit in Bangalore & North Indian Pandits in Bangalore vastu space, Mithila Pandit in Bangalore & Bihari Pandit in Bangalore vastu space, Pandits for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore vastu space, Iyengar Tamil Vadhyar in Bangalore & Tamil Vadhyars in Bangalore vastu space, Andhra Purohits in Bangalore & Brahmin Telugu Purohits in Bangalore vastu space & Kerala Pujari in Bangalore & Kerala Pandit in Bangalore vastu space.