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Normale Version: My QuickBooks displays error code 6150. How to fix it?
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Several reasons trigger an error 6150 in QuickBooks, it could be due to a damaged or corrupted company file, CryptoWall virus intrusion, corrupted QuickBooks installation, or accessing the file without opening QuickBooks. QuickBooks error 6150 can be eliminated using these steps, first of all, restore the backup of the company file. Begin with launching the QuickBooks application, click Restore or open company, click open or restore a backup and click Next. Choose local backup and click Next again. Another solution could be recovering the lost data using QuickBooks auto data recovery. Lastly, you should remove the CryptoWall virus from your PC. For that, visit the File an Explorer section, locate the QuickBooks folder, look for the files with decrypt or instructions (.txt or .html) in the file name. Remove such files to fix the QuickBooks error code 6150.
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Some common causes of this 6150 error in QuickBooks:
- The QuickBooks file is damaged or attacked by a virus.
- QuickBooks is not fully installed or updated.
- Anti-virus software or firewall software installed contexto on the computer is preventing QuickBooks from accessing files.