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Normale Version: My YouTube Comments not Showing up
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The YouTube website and app have evolved dramatically over time, and we are no longer watching YouTube videos as we once did. Although the platform has evolved and added many new features, some users are still experiencing problems such as low view counts or unfair bans. "YouTube comments not showing up" is one such problem, where the comments section either doesn't display or disappears completely. The following fixes may help you to solve the issue.

1) YouTube's mobile app needs to be updated
2) Check your Internet connection
3) You need to restart the video.
4) You need to update your web browser
5) Layouts for YouTube can be changed
6) Delete your browser's cookies and cache
7) Disable extensions.

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Ensure that your video's comment section A Small World Cup is set to "Allow all comments." You can find this setting in the video details section while editing your video.