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Normale Version: How can i fix "cant click anything on windows 10" error?
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I have been using windows from my childhood and i have done so many amazing things, recently when i was doing something on my PC and suddenly i was not able to click anything on my windows 10, i tried so many things but nothing worked so if anyone knows how to fix it then tell me in the comment section.

After completing all the steps above, if you try to update your window and see an error 0x80080008, The solution is provided in the following article.

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One of the frequent issues is this one, and the solutions are provided below:
- Verify that your mouse slope game is functioning properly.
- Check your keyboard
- Use Task Manager to restart Windows Explorer
Maybe you got a virus? what did you do before, mapquest driving directions do you have any virus software installed?
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Ensure that the Windows 10 eggy car working system is current. Check for any available upgrades by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.
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