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Normale Version: Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter
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The Lotus Notes is not just an email client. It also provides a database, programming, address book, and scheduling. etc. Lotus Notes was very successful for the users but when we talk about Outlook, it emerged as one of the most powerful email clients. So, the users should use the professional tool to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook.

There are two methods available. One is the manual method and the other one is automated tools. Some users tried the manual method for this task but it doesn’t work properly, NSF files can be corrupted via the manual method. Users look up professional tools. Weeom Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool is a professional and certified tool to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. This tool comes with a simple interface GUI. It has several features that users want to generally for the conversion. It is embedded with the filter option, folder mapping, PST split, etc many more features.

Users can also use this tool in the FREE demo evaluation version to check its efficiency before investing.

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