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Normale Version: Exchange to Office 365 Migration - Secure and Effective Way
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You should always take a specialized approach when migrating Exchange to Office 365 to employ cloud-based services. Here is an excellent solution from Shoviv software that makes it easy and safe to migrate Exchange to Office 365.

Let's just know it in brief.
Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 migration tool is a reliable and secure software that does this migration effortlessly without altering the original data. This tool lets you migrate EDB files, Outlook profile mailboxes, Live Exchange mailboxes, and Office 365 itself into Office 365.

It assures a quick and secure way to migrate public folders to office 365 from the existing Exchange server. During the process, this tool does not modify the folder structure or data integrity. As a complete migration solution, it has more advanced options like mapping folders, email translation, incremental, items filter items, and so on.
One can get a free trial for how easy it is to migrate Exchange to Office 365. The free version will process the first 50 items per folder to test it.