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Normale Version: shock! 21-year-old aviation schoolgirl bitten by a mosquito - infected and died
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shock! 21-year-old aviation schoolgirl bitten by a mosquito - infected and died
A 21-year-old British aviation student has been bitten by a mosquito, killing her in five days.

News reports said Oriana Pepper, a 21-year-old British aviation student, was bitten by a mosquito while in Antwerp. Belgium in July last year While taking flight training with an instrument rating (Instrument Rating) after passing a theoretical exam at Oxford, England before.

Pepper went to the hospital's emergency room on July 7 after being bitten by a mosquito near his right eye. with swelling and infection While the doctor prescribes disinfectant and treats the wasps at home.

However, Pepper's condition did not improve and her boyfriend had to be hospitalized again after falling unconscious. before Pepper died in hospital on July 12, 2021.

Recently, Pepper's cause of death has been revealed, stating that it was Septic embolism caused by a bacterial infection Staphylococcus Aureus, which is associated with mosquito bites on the face while the results of the autopsy that have been used in the investigation confirmed that “As a result of a severe infection resulting from an insect bite on the front of the head.”