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Normale Version: The Norfolk Tides, Triple-A affiliates of the Baltimore Orioles, were supposed
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The Norfolk Tides,Triple-A affiliates of the Baltimore Orioles, were supposed to welcome the Gwinnett Braves on Thursday for an afternoon Washington Commanders Men Jersey game at Harbor Parkin downtown Norfolk, Virginia.Unfortunately, the game was postponed because the entire field was under water.MORE: || Deshazor Everett Jersey | Yeah, we got a little bit of rain today. Norfolk Tides (@NorfolkTides) Here's another view of the Charley Taylor Jersey torrential rain we've been on the receiving end of today. Yes, that's a flooded outfield. Norfolk Tides (@NorfolkTides) Game postponements Ryan Kerrigan Jersey arenot exactly a rarity at Harbor Park. The stadiumis located right on theharbor, which is Jahan Dotson T Shirts not too far fromHampton Roads and the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. This Jonathan Allen Jersey was the fourth postponement of the season.The Tides will now have to play five games in three days in order to make up.