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Keeping a tyre in good condition is an essential and uncomplicated task. Simply maintain proper tyre pressure and ensure that your tyre is clean and stays clean for extended periods since debris and dust can threaten the tyre's safety. Ensure that you buy tyres online from a reputable internet retailer like Yalla Tyre. To complete your automotive demands and wishes, feel free to contact the competent professionals at Yalla tyre. After you've visited their website, make sure to give your thoughts in the comments section below.
Hello everyone, welcome to the display series of SPANIEL <a href="">fastest electric bike</a>. We will discuss the size and load capacity of the SPANIEL electric bicycle components. If you have watched the unboxing video of our products, you will know that your bicycle is basically divided into two parts.

First of all, you will get a large bicycle box, all the bicycle parts are packed in this box, and then you will get another main part here, that is, your front tire, which is obviously an indispensable part for you.

We provide you with instructions on how to do this in more detail.

Your bike is composed of the following parts, the first one is your Frame.

then there are batteries and wheels, including your front and rear wheels.

then in the middle of your battery frame, then there is the motor system, it is the rear hub motor.

then back to the rear tire, followed by your transmission system, including the seven-speed gear system, and finally you have your brake system with an integrated tail <a href="">Fat tire electric bike</a>.

The wings are light, so they constitute all the main parts of your bike. These six parts make up your whole bike.

In addition, we also have some auxiliary parts, such as connecting compartments or bags, which can actually be connected and fixed to the rear tire, so that you can put anything in it. You can put your picnic food in it, or take your pet, you can also hold a lot of snacks.In addition, there is a cup holder in the front of the bicycle, which will also come with other gadgets. As you can also see here, the height from the ground to the top of the handlebar is 46.5 inches, and then you can adjust the height of the seat, the highest height from the seat to the ground is 36.5 feet.

Another question we often encounter is whether my height is suitable for the size of this bike. Take me as an example. For me, I am about six point three feet, so it is perfect for me. It is very suitable for people like my father as well. He is about 5.11 feet tall and is also very suitable for a mother who is a little shorter than that,so you can judge whether it is comfortable to ride the Spaniel bicycle according to your height. Our bicycle frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Experimental tests have proved to be not easy to corrode and has great load-bearing capacity, so the frame is super strong. In addition, we use a double-beam structure in the design of this bike, which makes the frame stronger.

Plus such a strong frame width tires and 750-watt motor, this bike has more load capacity than many similar bicycles on the market, so when you ride on normal city streets, your bike can now carry about 350 pounds. For safety reasons and considering other outdoor riding conditions you may encounter, we recommend the riding load should not exceed 320 pounds. If you want to use your bicycle to carry other payloads, please check in advance whether the tires of the vehicle are intact, whether the screws of the vehicle are strong and whether the battery is full.

If you want someone to ride a bicycle, please make sure that you have checked the screws or something, whether your tires are full of air, everything is in good condition so that your bike can successfully load 320 pounds <a href="">e bikes for sale near me</a>. Another thing is that we do not recommend that you step on the brakes very hard or turn at a very sharp angle, so that your bike may slip, so if to do this, please make sure that you know how much weight you have added to the bicycle at any given time.

This is today's discussion about the size and load capacity of bicycle parts. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message here or through our website Thanks for your watching.