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Normale Version: How To Convert HP Printer Offline Windows 10 Into Online?
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Like other printing devices, HP Printer may also have technical glitches which let the users stop to print anything. The most common problem usually being found these days is HP Printer Offline Windows 10 and many of the newbie unable to get rid of it due to lack of technical knowledge. Here, we compile the effective solving steps which will be helpful for you in getting back your offline printer online. What you should actually do for resolving printer offline issue is:
Open Control Panel in your Windows 10 PC
Click on “View Devices and Printers” tab
There you will see the list of installed printers
You have to click your printer icon and check the option “Set as default printer”
Now, again right-click on printer to see what’s printing
Click on the Printer tab
If you see “Use Printer Offline” option is enabled, make it disable by placing a tick-mark on this statement
Now, your Printer Offline message is converted into Online
Your HP Printer in Windows 10 is now ready to deliver quality printouts without any kind of interruption.

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