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Do you feel stressed about online exams and are looking for exam tips online? What is an online exam? How do they work?
Online exams have taken over from the in-person exams, as universities and lives adapt to the pandemic. While online exams are more stressful due to the fact that you must rely on technology to take them, they can be very straightforward and provide a calmer environment than regular exams.
What is an Online Exam?
An online exam is a test that a candidate takes online to determine their level of knowledge about a topic. The online exam platform allows candidates to take the test remotely.
Many online examinations have answers processing modules. This allows the markers to issue grades and marks within seconds of candidates completing the test. This fully automated examination system makes it possible for the examiners present the final results faster and more efficiently.
Candidates must answer questions within a time limit when taking an online exam. After the online exam ends, the test window is closed and institutions are notified in real time. The online multiple-choice examination is graded by the markers who first evaluate the answers.
The online exams that are long-answer types and have no automated results require the markers to assess the essay answers, then grade them. The final results and grades from the online examinations will be compiled and sent to the candidates by email or at the site of the particular institution.
How does online testing work?
Online examinations are conducted by examiners who set up an online testing environment and then upload the question sets to a specific website where the online exam is taking place.
The bulk information of the candidates who took the online exam can be uploaded to this platform. Candidates can also select specific time slots. Finally, candidates will receive the online exam link via follow-up emails, confirming all these details.
While it can vary depending on where the online exams are being held, candidates will need to use this link for login and complete a three-step authentication process to allow them to take their online exam.
Online exams are usually recorded and can be closely supervised for important final-year examinations by using an artificial intelligence based invigilator, or a traditional online human monitor.
After candidates submit their answers, online exams are automatically evaluated and generated a real time report. The candidates can also customize their final grades and share them in HTML and PDF formats. An in-depth analysis of the online examinations at group level can then be performed and modified as needed by the examiners.
How do you prepare for an online exam?
Check out the guidelines for online exams
You must read and understand all guidelines to prepare for the online exam. It is important to know when and where the online exam will take place. This includes whether it will be at a specific time or if the exam can be taken anytime within a given time frame.
It is important to know how long you have to take the online exam and where you are required to take it. Consider whether you will be taking the online exam at home or on campus. Pay attention to any other important information provided by the examiner about the structure of an online exam.
Do you procrastinate getting in the way when revising for exam revision? Our top tips on how to stop procrastinating so you can focus better on your tasks.
The format of the exam paper
You should be aware of the format of your online exam. For example, the type of questions being asked by the examiner, for example multiple-choice or fill-in questions.
You should take the practice exam that the examiner gives you and use it to prepare for the real exam.
Double-check all technology
You can take the online exam from anywhere, regardless of whether you're at home or at a lab. However, you need to make sure you verify the operating status of your computer/laptop as soon as you can so that there are no unexpected problems.
Check that you have the correct software and hardware. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough to take the online exam without any sudden interruptions or stuttering.
It is very important to read the materials that were given by the examiners during lectures in class. Even though it's an open-book online exam, it is essential that you study the materials and then revise them so that you can find the pertinent information quickly without spending too much time reading through the books.
You can practice online papers
You should plan your time while preparing for the exam online. You can practice your timing skills online, but limit the time that you use to practice.
You can then determine how long you will spend on each question. If your online exam lasts an hour and has sixty questions, you would ideally need to spend less than one minute per question.
Depending on your institution, you might be allowed to skip a difficult answer and return to it before the end. This is to ensure that you don't waste time on difficult questions and miss out on later ones.
There are many great apps to help with revision and practice question questions. We have compiled a guide of the top seven apps every student should use during exams.
You will need to find the best place for you exam.
It is very important that you take the online exam in a quiet place, such as your bedroom, or your study area. Turn off any notifications on your personal mobile devices (e.g., your smartphone or tablet) and turn off the television and radio.
Notify your roommates, flat mates and/or family members about the online exam. They must not distract from your focus and make it difficult to concentrate.
Depending on the date and time of the online exam, you can choose when it is most convenient for you. While you may need to complete the online exam within a specified time, it's not always possible. If the online exam can be completed in a shorter timeframe (e.g. if it is only available for 24 hours or for several days), you should pick a time that offers the best chance of avoiding distractions, interruptions, stress, and/or other distractions.
Exams can be stressful and overwhelming. Make sure to take time for yourself and your mental well-being. For helpful tips and tricks on how to take care of your mental health at University, visit our blog.
Make sure you have all of the information that you will need for the exam
You should be very organized before you attempt the online exam.
Also, it is important to eat the right foods before you go to exam. Our blog will help you find the best foods for brain health.
You must be calm, focused, and relaxed when you log into the online exam.
While online exams can seem daunting initially, they can be easier to handle if prepared in the right manner.
You don't want to feel anxious about upcoming university exams. Use our exam tips to help you prepare and calm your nerves.
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