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3D Holographic Sticker suppliers 3D Laser Stickers Custom Label
Characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting label
1. The laser film has high gloss for smoking, and the holographic layer gives the film better antistatic, anti adhesion, high adaptability to the machine, ink corrosion resistance, high ability to isolate water vapor and carbon dioxide. It has inherent fragrance, strong anti-counterfeiting performance, beautiful appearance, green environmental protection, colorful and single colors, including single rainbow, multiple rainbow colors, true colors and right and wrong. Its pictures have two-dimensional, three-dimensional, multiple and dynamic imaging. Combined anti-counterfeiting can be adopted. So far, there have been combined holograms, true 3D skills and even 4D skills. The high degree of counterfeiting is deeply liked by many enterprises.
2. Laser film is a newly announced high-tech environmental protection material. Now there are mainly: BOPP laser aluminized film, transport film, Tongming high reflection film; Pet laser aluminized film, composite film and hot stamping film.
3. As the carrier of laser holographic pictures, laser film can produce composite laser card paper and transport laser card paper through special production process. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are also widely used in packaging, printing, decoration, tobacco and alcohol, medicine, health products and so on.
Name3D Laser Stickers Custom LabelSizeCustom
MaterialPET, PVC, PP , art paper , vinyl etcColorWhite,blue,black,yellow,etc
Surface finishGlossy/matt lamination, glossy/matt varnishing,UV ,Embossed ,glod/sliver/red /blue stamping etc.FeatureWaterproof, security, durable,Holographic,eco-friendly
AdhesiveNormal adhesive,Strong 3M adhesiveLead time3-5 working days
One effect of laser paper is the same as that of grating material, which can be used for pattern sticker printing, lamination and other processes. There is a great market demand for this material, but few manufacturers can produce laser paper with really excellent quality.
Laser paper includes: general laser paper and positioning laser paper. Positioning laser paper is a new type of anti-counterfeiting paper without plastic film. Positioning laser paper is mainly used for wine packaging. This kind of laser paper has high anti-counterfeiting performance and gorgeous appearance. Features: environmental protection, no plastic film
Use of laser sticker: a material for wrapping gifts and decoration. It is often used as a packaging box and handbag for alcohol, tobacco, various cosmetics and drugs, which can improve the grade, artistic effect and anti-counterfeiting ability of products.
Q: Trading company or factory?
A: We are 100% manufactory.
Q: Can I get product samples?
A: Yes, samples are free, just contatact us now.
Q: Can you provide OEM and ODM service?
A: Yes, we can provide OEM and ODM services according to customer鈥檚 needs.
Q: How to place my order?
A: 1, Send us your design then confirm the proof.
2, We make invoice for you and you finish the payment.
3, Arrange production after received the payment.
4, Send the goods to you.3D Holographic Sticker suppliers