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Mask Equipment made in China Our History
Zhejiang Runtai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Yongtai Machinery), founded in 1997 (25 years), the company is a high-tech enterprise, a high-growth technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a specialized new enterprise, and a professional R&D and manufacturing company. Disposable medical and sanitary protection equipment automatic molding equipment, specializing in non-woven fabrics and plastic products deep processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, and can customize various non-standard machines according to customer requirements.
Rontech people will continue to work diligently to build the world's first-class intelligent machinery. We will never forget why we started and we will never change. We only do one thing: to make the smart equipment perfect!
Our Product
Specializing in non-woven fabrics and plastic products deep processing equipment
Product Application
The products produced by the company's machinery can be widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, catering, chemical, spraying, electronics, beauty, environmental protection, daily life and other fields.
Our Certificate
National high-tech enterprise, science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province, CE certification, ISO9001, intellectual property management system, employee health and safety management system, information technology service management system, environmental management system, information security management system, 26 national patents, 7 Software copyright.Mask Equipment made in China