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Small PP Caster Free Sample As a professional manufacturer, UNIONLEVER makes various specifications of the range of industrial castors, casting products, elector-plating products, industrial small handcart, sheet metal stamping, injection molding, PU founding and other products. We have 1 set of automatic foundry production line, 2 of advanced PU wheel casting production line, 5 of semi automatic vehicle processing equipment imported from Japan, 8 of semi automatic lathe in the vehicle processing workshop, 4 set of full automatic advanced molding machine in the injection molding workshop, 25 set of equipment from 50 tons to 400 tons of weight 10 of automatic welding machine in the stamping workshop. In 2014, we invested to construct in the elector-plating workshop, at present operation is normal with daily processing capacity of 20,000.
We sticks to "people-oriented" management principle, with "quality, honesty, responsibility, gratitude" as the leading quintessence for enterprise culture. The company constantly introduces high-tech, high-level managerial staffs and technical personnel together of a number of mechanical processing, material engineering, industrial automation, marketing and other areas of the professional sources to engage in R & D work jointly to become customers qualified supplier for a number of products.
We will provide customers with the most enthusiasm, perfect after sale service.Small PP Caster Free Sample