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Normale Version: Can you change your seat on Air France?
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Yes, you can change your seat on Air France. Suppose you are uncomfortable in your seat and want to change seats and don’t know how to do it. You can speak with the airline representative or change your seat by using the online method. These two methods allow you to modify your changes and get a hassle-free experience.

Methods to change your seat on Air France.

Change your seat by using the online method.

Are you not comfortable on the seat or want to change your seat? If yes, you can change your seat using the online method. You should know the process to change the seat through the online method. Here is the process for changing the seat:

Visit the official website of Air France.

Click on my bookings option.

Provide the required details and tap on the search option.

You will see the change option on the dashboard, and you must click on it.

Under the change option, you have to click on the seat option.

Choose your seat according to your choice.

Click on the modify option and receive the confirmation from the airline on your registered email id and message on the contact number.

Change your seat by calling the airline.

Travelers can change their seats by calling the airline. To speak to a live person at Air France
You can transfer your advanced seat selection to your new ticket via My Bookings if you need to modify your flight or your travel dates. At the "Contact us" letter boxed section of the website, you can ask for a refund if the seat you initially wanted is not offered on your rescheduled flight.