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3D Modeling and Augmented Reality: Value in Teaching Process | PaperHelp about Study Trends

Augmented reality (AR) lets us learns by doing. At the same time, different formulas or paths for solving practical problems are proposed. Although its implementation is very recent within the educational system, the positive effects on learning have been proven. You can find many articles, for example, on the website, that talk about the benefits of augmented reality in the context of learning. 

This study points out the motivational effects and improvements in student performance (at different educational levels) when properly used. However, we are at an early stage, and although there are still some doubts, we can already count on some certainties.

AR includes exploratory activities, which encourage continuous discovery, wonder what is behind it, and involve motor activities. The importance of this type of project lies in the fact that it promotes learning through a voluntary, enjoyable activity, with a purpose and with which new language, concepts, and skills can be acquired from the student's freedom to choose 'when and what is learned.' The 'game' as a means for learning is sought with an augmented reality project since one can decide how to move to the tablet, change the markers, or use self-assessment.

What it brings to students?

AR allows the student to choose the contents to work on, increasing their autonomy in learning while enabling self-assessment based on feedback from the application used and increasing the feeling of competence by achieving the objectives of each step in the activities. In this way, this learning system offers interactivity and elements in which the sense of sight, hearing, and touch are used and working on attention and conceptual content. 

Technology is more accessible than ever

Today, the use of AR is closer than ever before. A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine that a technology of this type could descend so much in its complexity and usability to use it in the classroom or even create content to help with personal statement or writing essays. 

Augmented reality

Of course, augmented reality does not in itself generate learning, however spectacular its implementation in the classroom may be. For this to happen, and within an educational system, technological resources must be part of an activity whose design is the teacher's responsibility.

It should also be noted that this type of resource must be easy to use in the classroom so that both the teacher and the students have a positive experience. It inevitably depends on the excellent use and control of this resource by the teacher, as this is the only way to project their idea correctly in the classroom.

Finally, numerous applications are based on augmented reality and virtual reality (VR), which can be used inside and outside the centers. An example? In-class projects complement the activities or protagonists of the same, in different subjects as a motivational boost or even in cross-cutting learning methodologies.
What will bring will be a valuable amount of knowledge that we have worked hard to accumulate. Hope everyone will try Fun Games.