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cheap Cemented Carbide Parts The crankshaft, part of an engine, converts reciprocating piston motion in a straight line into rotation.
How does the crankshaft operate?
The rod and the bearing connect the piston crankshaft. As the piston moves up and down, the crankshaft runs, and the rod and the bearing move in a circle, the crankshaft begins to spin.
Tungsten alloy crankshaft advantage
In an engine, it is necessary to use counterweights to keep the reciprocating motion of each piston and the balance of the connecting rods, which are usually used as parts of the crankshaft.
Lead is cheap, but less dense than tungsten, which is more than twice as dense as steel, and is not environmentally friendly, so tungsten is certainly the most suitable crankshaft material compared to other materials due to the following characteristics:
* Small volume and high density
* High hardness
* High wear-resisting
* Strong resistance to corrosion* Strong resistance
* High melting point
* High temperature resistant
* Environmental
Therefore, tungsten alloy accessories are often used for machinery, ships, airplanes, yachts, spacecraft counterweights, and other places that require small size and large weight. Tungsten alloy is widely used in high-performance engines (cars, racing cars, motorcycles, trucks, yachts, etc.).
Q1:Are you a manufactuer or trading company?
A:We are a manufacturer.
Q2:Can you do the design for us?
A:Yes, we can design according to your drawing requirements. But you need to provide specific parameters and drawings to communicate with our customer Cemented Carbide Parts