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Normale Version: Systems and People Examination for Protecting RMMs From Vulnerabilities
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With your team, engage in tabletop exercises to gauge their level of readiness. Assume the worst has happened, then assess your answer.
• Your staff should receive security training. With them, go over the value of superior defense. Inform your staff whenever a compromise happens, like the Kaseya leak.
• Make an incident response plan for situations where your provider faces security risks and when an assault is taking place or has already occurred. This should be accessible to your staff members right away so they can react promptly. The difference may be between two customers being encrypted and all clients being encrypted in five minutes.
• Put your new strategy into action now that you have one!
• Have a cutoff button that you can press in case of an emergency to shut down your RMM/stack system.
• To quickly reverse any queued instructions, become familiar with how your RMM software transmits instructions to its destinations.
• Evaluate your assets' risk on a regular basis. Keep track of your risks, as well as the activities and safeguards you have in place.