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Normale Version: New Version Rice Purity Test in 2023
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You are interested in how "innocent" you are and want to take a fun test to find out. To do that, you can use the rice purity test.
This is a funny quiz with 100 questions about things like relationships, romantic, dishonesty and everything in between. It's easy to take this test. On the main screen of the rice purity test, all you have to do is click the "Start Test" button and answer each question with "Yes" or "No." Your score on the test will be based on how many "No" answers you gave. Each question is worth 1 point.
When you've answered all 100 questions, your score will be shown. The higher your score, the more "innocent" you are, and you might be thought of as one of the most "pure" or "innocent" people in the world, and vice versa. Obviously, this test is not a standard, scientific, or accurate way to judge a person's morals or character. It's just for fun and reference, and it's a light-hearted way to figure out how innocent (or not) someone is.
So, what is the origin of the rice purity test? This test was first made at Rice University at the beginning of the 20th century. It was made to help college students keep track of their life events and growth as they go through college. Over many ages, it has changed and grown, so there are now many different versions of the rice purity test. When it was first made at Rice University, the test was made just for women and had only 10 questions. After 50 years, the test proved to be popular, spread around the world, and grew to 100 questions. Some changes have been made to the 2023 version of the rice purity test so that it fits better with modern life.
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The new version of the Rice Purity Test in 2023 is intriguing. It likely reflects evolving societal norms and behaviors. Including keywords like "wicked whims" indicates a contemporary touch, highlighting the test's adaptability to encompass modern experiences. It's fascinating to see how it continues to resonate with each generation.