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Bugs with 1.6.2 - Masiako - 08-03-2013

Hey User of Reliquia,

please post in this thread, if you find a bug.

Attention: We are using a Alpha-Build of Bukkit. There can be more bugs as usually.

No payment each hour.
Player get kicked with "Nope".
TpA and TpO do not work correctly.


RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - jimjamjay - 08-03-2013

Its not the actual server but i've been having alot of problems with the DynMap

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Masiako - 08-03-2013

Rendering for Dynmap is running. Smile Will take 2-3 days.

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - jimjamjay - 08-03-2013

ah I see

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Akai - 08-03-2013

I dunno if this is something you can fix but when you give npcs text, they will just spam it constantly when you're near and it didn't do that on the other server.

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - entgan - 08-04-2013

I'm not sure this is a Server bug or just an issue with My Minecraft, But I entered a boat and my MC Crashed, Then I tried to Reconnect and It just crashed again.

EDIT: Never mind turns out my one mod caused the crash.

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Kuprtyasd - 08-06-2013

This isnt specific to 1.6.2 but I can't use many towny commands when I am not in towny world.

Thank you!

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Masiako - 08-06-2013

As Towny changed his control over permissions with 1.5, many commands can only be used in worlds, where towny is activ becaus it is not working correctly with any permissionplugin. We only activated some smaller commands like teleporting becaus they do not provide troubles.

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Siggeluring - 08-08-2013

Animals keep despawn when you're not near them.. Is there a way to fix this?

RE: Bugs with 1.6.2 - Drara - 08-08-2013

We know this Problem and at the moment no Sad

This update was a devbuild-update what we normaly dont use because we know there are too much bugs. At the moment we must deal with the bugs and wait thats a stable Version is out for update.

Thx for telling us all bugs and be sure: Masiako looks at all bugs what you guys tell us. When he can fix then he do it, but the most are a update-bug :/