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MLGAkai - Akai - 09-25-2014

So I've posted it a lot in the shoutbox so most probably know I have a small Youtube channel I update regularly! Well I kind of feel bad about posting my vids in the chat so I haven't been unless its something like a speed art. I want to let people know though when I post a video so I was thinking I would make a thread for it :p

My current on going series are:
Zoo Tycoon (Minecraft) Where I play with a mod pack I've made to build a zoo in Minecraft with mods like Mo Creatures and Twilight Forest. This is out every Monday

Tomb Raider, my LP of the new Lara Croft game which is out every Saturday.

Thursdays are sort of random day. I either do a short series (Like Organ Trail), oneshot first impressions of a game I've never played (Akai Tries to Play) or I do speed paintings.

If any of these interest you, I encourage you to check it out :p I'll post new videos here in this thread if you can't be asked to subscribe or don't have youtube. If you have feed back or suggestions, please feel free to leave it here!

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 09-25-2014

Today's video, we take a look at Sims 4!

RE: MLGAkai - shao1a - 09-26-2014

Wow! Will watch!

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 09-27-2014

Today's video is Tomb Raider wooo!

RE: MLGAkai - death_star_gone - 09-28-2014

Yay! Something to watch while studying late at night tonight! Thanks Akai Big Grin

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 09-30-2014

A tad bit late but here is this weeks Minecraft episode!

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 10-02-2014

I take a look at Shadows of Mordor today!

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 10-06-2014

Fight time in a new Zoo Tycoon!

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 10-11-2014

I feel like I might be getting a bit paranoid.

RE: MLGAkai - Akai - 10-13-2014

Were sailing off on an adventure!