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Special Opening Event - Siggeluring - 02-12-2016

Hello all our old and new friends!
Tomorrow is the big day, or actually in about 18 hours we open up the Reliquia server once again! I guess most of you heard the story by now, but for the rest of you I can tell you that we had some problems with our old provider. Everything was lost when we came online, but we didn't give up this time either!
After a couple of weeks, we've built up a new amazing server and we hope to see you online when we open up. Timezone isn't my strongest thing but 3pm GMT+1 is the time that you need to remember. And most important of all is:

At this special day Bribona has set up a smaller event just for the opening! Just follow the signs from the spawn and you will get some nice presents at the same time as you get a tour through the Adminshops and the mainspawn for Towny!

Once again, we really hope to see you online tomorrow!

Siggeluring & Reliquia Adminteam