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Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - Ironseni - 03-12-2019

Mit dem Kill von

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

am 11.03.19 hat Reliquia den HC Content von BfDA gecleared. Weiter gehts mit Mythic.
Danke an alle Beteiligten!

RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - corpbiz338 - 10-28-2020

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RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - hridoychowdhury1 - 02-27-2021

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RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - ducklife - 03-29-2021

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RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - messiugmr - 03-17-2022

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RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - emma - 10-11-2022

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RE: Lady Jaina Proudmoore HC - electtestify - 05-10-2023

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