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What is Minecraft?
07-06-2023, 12:59 AM,
What is Minecraft?
Instructions for playing Minecraft game survival mode
Survival mode is the most attractive and difficult game mode. If you play this mode, you can easily conquer other game modes in the game. That's why we want to guide you to play paper minecraft in this mode.
Step 1: Create your own world and choose survival mode
The step to create your own world has been detailed above by our guide to playing Minecraft game. You just need to follow the steps mentioned above. For new players, you should choose a level that is easy to understand how to play.
Step 2: Need to mark the location where you appear
You can make your own markings by placing small objects or digging holes.
Step 3: Collect wooden blocks
Wood will be collected from the tree by left clicking. The number is about 10-20 plants. This is an extremely important material when used to make weapons, build houses, and make tools. The more you collect, the more useful it will be for you.
Step 4: Build your house or building
This will be the place for you to keep and preserve your assets. They will be gradually upgraded based on the materials you have. This is also a place for you to hide, ensure your life and safety against monsters.
When you first start the game, you don't have a lot of materials, so you don't need to build a house that is too big and beautiful. Let the materials to do other things, ensure the longest survival. You can upgrade the house later.
Step 5: Crafting survival tools
Survival tools are indispensable, not only to help you exploit and find materials, but also to help you protect yourself. The more expensive the tool is made of, the more powerful it is and the more durable it is. Here are some tools in Minecraft game:
- Ax: This is a tool that helps in logging. To craft requires 2 wooden sticks and 3 optional materials: wood, gold, diamond
- Hoe: Makes quarrying easier and more productive. Pickaxe is crafted from 4 wooden sticks and 6 optional materials: wood, gold, diamond
- Sword: This is a weapon that helps you drive away monsters and protect yourself from attacks. Or this is also a tool for you to kill pigs, pigs, chickens, bears... to get food. To create a sword requires 2 wooden sticks and 4 optional materials: wood, gold, and diamonds.
Step 6: Go mining
You need minerals to make weapons as well as use in daily life. Minerals here include: gold, diamonds, coal.
Step 7: Game Instructions: Build a Forge
After you have enough materials, you need to build a forge to make weapons and tools. To build you need to use stones arranged in a square and hollow in the middle.
Step 8: Looking for food
You will not be able to survive without food, food. The game is divided into 2 types of food: food that needs to be processed and food that does not need to be processed.
- Food that does not need to be processed: vegetables, tubers, fruits
- Food to be processed: raw meat, milk, cake
Step 9: Instructions to play Minecraft game Crafting medicine
In the Minecraft game guide, there will be indispensable instructions on how to prepare medicine. Medicines not only cure diseases but also bring many benefits to players:
- Manga Cream: Used to prepare fire elixirs
- Yellow watermelon: Used to make medicine to increase blood
- Yellow Carrot: Restores the player's energy

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