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[Minecraft] Coming to an End
04-14-2017, 04:26 AM,
[Minecraft] Coming to an End
Hello Friends!

Due to unexpected Life Experiences we aren't capable of holding a Minecraft Server anymore.

Thank you ALL for your honesty loyality friendship kindness and fun. Thank you to everyone who helped us throughout the years.

Many Thanks for everything ... I don't know if I remember everyone and I hope if I forgot your name .... you can forgive me. Also forgive me one last time for my bad english.

With many many many many loves
Drara & Bribona

Many Thanks to:

Sigge ... our last Admin Helper... well ... we know and you know ... but I still appreciate you

Dragon ... thanks for being a loyal player through all the years

Akai ... I don't know if you are still reading this forum but we miss you. You were fun. Greet Jacks from us ;(

Jack ... thumps up!!!!

Hoja ... many many thanks and I am glad your life is so awesome now Smile

Masiako ... where would we have been without you so many years? *10.000 cookies for you*

Stiansen75 ... I can't get it I still knew your number ... don't think we forgot about you!!!

FabihL ... Where are you??? Sad Would be glad to hear from you sometimes!

Desmond .... the Moonbear ... hope you enjoy your life as good as possible

Looting ... Drara knew you more than I am and I hope she will be able to say a few words soon

Kolnedra ... same for you ... but: I really loved your building skills. You were an awesome player

kupy.. I cant write your name, sorry. our jewish little friend obsessed with martha ;( i really hope your life is also great now!! you know - it has it ups and downs - but never forget to enjoy the ups!

Martha ... kup still nice to you? ;P you were a special girl for us and we do really miss you ... drara and me ...

Iamawesome ... i will never forget your kindness. example: birthday -> message in the forum -> a personal letter from iam! a little secret: i still have it and it made me smile really often. never stop being so kind. it's a gift

0815Xardas ... except dragon ... i think you were the most loyal player ever. i can't remember a server from us you haven't played on. the silent player in the background ... it really meant a lot to us

mobthe ... we really met twice in lifetime, isn't it? Wink never stop dreaming and hoping for something better!

jiop109 ... ok now i am going to cry really soon. so much memorys. jiop, luke, my son ... my heart is breaking :'(

jimjamjay ... jimmy you also were one of our most loyal players. How many time have you spent on Reliquia? Be serious! You were addicted like us... ;(

Ranga ... Sammy. Minecraft wasn't the same without you. Entrana forever. Our secrets our fun in our town. We had a great time

Burial ... We definetely had our ups and downs with you. Now I can say in peace: thanks for the good times. From Drara and me

Elenormas ... wow I almost forgot to write down your name Sad I am sorry ... It was a really fun time with you!!

Timmy ... I don't think you'll read this but we had always fun with you. You never have been angry or mean. You were always kind, funny and helpful. Thanks for showing us that the world still has good people.

Krove, Fly, Mitch and many other "other time zone players" .... I hope Drara can write something ... I knew you barely so it would be wrong to write a goodbye to you

So ... more coming soon.

*bow down*

04-14-2017, 08:56 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
I'm sorry to hear that the server is going down! I think about the server sometimes and miss those good old days, they'll always be good memories for me. I hope everyone takes care of themselves and has a good life ^.^ <3
[Bild: KY7q4ks.png]
Life can seem like it's a little bit rough, but the tough ponies never ever give up.
04-14-2017, 11:51 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
First of all I´m still alive ^^ Tongue
I only can agree with Akai´s Post. I really loved the old time on the German only Server first and on the International Server later.

And I´m still happy that i met Sigge, just because we played the same game.

So good luck in the Future and maybe we will see us again in another game or in Reallife we will see Wink

*Sorry for my bad english
[Bild: 76561198062889753.png]
04-14-2017, 07:18 PM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
was great building among you all, will never forget these names Big Grin my Minecraft days <3
04-15-2017, 03:19 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Damm it ,i know i should have been online more the Last few weeks and the Server may still be alive , but that stupid Game called real live just got the best off me !!
Oh well its like a old saying: when its over its over !!
Sorry to hear this but i felt this step for some time now .
Should bri and drara or anyone else think about opening a server, just give me a call and i will be there .
Hope to See or hear from you on a Server again in the future .
With a crying and a laugthing eye i say goodbye, i hope that you all have a great Future
As always with Love your 0815xardas / Richard
04-16-2017, 06:33 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Was fun, thanks for the memories! Hope all goes well for all.
04-23-2017, 08:05 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Had a lot of good memories on there, sad to see it go. Hey, do you still have that map that I built that big ship as a spawn for? I never got the world file for that.
04-25-2017, 06:25 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Sad <3
05-17-2017, 05:36 PM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Es waren wirklich schöne Zeiten damals. Sarah, Basti, Micha zweiter Bastii (mit zwei ii), Mobthe, Elektropole/Markus, Avokad/Domink, FabiHL/Fabi, Hoja/Johann (der mich glaub ich eh niemals mochte weil ich ihn genervt hab xD) Xardas, de ralte Sack Big Grin. Diese 3 Jahre haben wirklich einen ganz besonderen Wert für mich, weil ihr damals für mich sowas wie meine Familie wart. Einfach aus dem Grund das alles um mich herum scheiße war und ich bei euch auf dem Server einfach alles vergessen konnte. Ihr könnt euch garnicht vorstellen wie glücklich ich war als ich damals Mod und anschließend auch Admin wurde xD. Ich werde diese Zeiten niemals vergessen und ein kleiner Teil von mir wünscht sich immer noch, das ich dieser kleine 14-jährige Junge von damals sein könnte, der den ganzen Tag einfach nur MC und COD spielt. Ich vermisse euch alle Tag für Tag auch wenn sich die meisten wahrscheinlich nichtmal mehr an mich erinnern :/ Es waren wirklich schöne Zeiten und ihr habt mir durch ne echt schwere Zeit geholfen.

Falls das jemals jemand von euch lesen sollte: DANKE für alles. Ihr habt alle einen speziellen Platz in meinem Herzen. Smile <3

How can i change my signature??? :/
05-21-2017, 06:39 AM,
RE: [Minecraft] Coming to an End
Gordi ... i hab di niemals vergessen und ich vermisse auch die guten alten Zeiten. Wir haben so viel Spaß gemeinsam gehabt und eine Zeit lang die Realität abschalten können.... würde Drara noch leben ... sie würde dem zustimmen :'(

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