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New Year's Ideas
01-16-2014, 07:48 PM,
Lightbulb  New Year's Ideas
So now it's 2014 and we have a full year ahead of us (belated Happy New Year to everybody)! Death was thinking and he's got some thoughts to share!

Lately we've had more activity than usual, which is really great. But I think we can step it up another notch. How can we do this, you ask? It's simple. Reward players for being online for a certain amount of time. Currently we've got the payday system, which is per hour. How about extending a similar system to every month? If someone spends a certain amount of time online in a month, for example, 50 hours spent online in a month, and you get a reward (enchanted book? coins? something else?). There could also be a "most valuable player of the month" style award for the top most active players in each month (maybe top 3?), who would get a slightly larger award (monetary or otherwise) at the end of the month (and maybe a title for the next month that says "MVP" or something?). To ensure that one person doesn't keep getting the award over and over again, a rule could be made where you can only get MVP once every three months or so. Maybe every six months there could be a larger reward of some sort for the most active players (top three?), and at the end of the year, another , larger reward could happen.

Furthermore, to give incentive for players to join towns and commit to playing in towns, I believe that there should be events where towns compete against each other. Maybe a build-event every two or three months, or a treasure hunt, or most of a certain item collected could work to build competition between towns without resorting to another (potentially disastrous) towny war. Winning towns could get a certain amount of coins added to their town banks, and members of the towns could get monetary (or other) benefits (maybe in the form of a small sum of coins added to their in-game wallets, or by not having to pay upkeep for a certain amount of time, or cheaper plots, or something else). At the end of the year, or every now and then, towns who want to participate could choose a team to do a PvP event in an arena, or compete in other events (jiop's horse-racing was a good idea that would work here, or maybe another Olympics games?).

This was just some ideas I had, what do you think? Would this be possible? Would people be interested in this?
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01-16-2014, 08:08 PM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
Death, this is an awesome idea and I really like it!

It would be really cool to have rankings for players being online and such. Perhaps a bronze, silver, and gold tier. I just hope that there is an easy way to keep track of the time players are online over long periods of time. However, would there be a loophole in that people could just spend hours upon hours on the server, AFK (and thus not actually playing).

I would also love to have another olympic game. We have learned a lot from the last events that we held, and could probably hold an even better games!

If anybody has any good ideas for town v. town events, please post them here or let any staff member know!

Love is eternal. Love your family, Love Reliquia

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01-16-2014, 08:29 PM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
I've heard of some servers that manage to track how long players are online (they too are plagued with constant AFK-ers, which is a flaw I can't come up with an idea as to how to solve), so I think this could work (or need another plug-in, which might have issues).

For town v. town events, I suggested the following:
-build events
-small-scale pvp in arenas built for the tast

I also suggest these:
-set quotas for certain amounts of items to be gathered/crafted (this would make an economic and industrial style of game-play more viable)
-hide and seek events (the nametags on players would make this hard, so people would have to get creative!)
-regular parkour courses outside of the Olympics (each town could decide to make a parkour course, which they'd edit now and then to stop it from becoming too hard), with a small monetary prize once a week for each player (from the town bank to make sure of a fairly difficult parkour course, and to make the players want to try them)
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01-16-2014, 08:57 PM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
Payday plugin is glitched though, it awards afk players more coins than players that are actually playing. Also, I don't think it can even do a monthly basis thing...unless I am mistaken.
01-16-2014, 11:35 PM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
The other problem is that VIP players dont get kicked for being AFK. So basically it would become people who donate get VIP, stay logged in all the time even if they arent playing, and then get the top spots for the month, and the people who actually played often get shafted. Also there would have to be a plugin which can measure how much time a player spent online and how much of it was spent while AFK. I'm not sure if that exists, but we would need that. But I like the ideas in essence. Just skeptical as to how easy/hard it would be to implement and potential abuse/fairness issues.
- Burial
01-17-2014, 04:01 AM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
Cash injections are also a big no no right now with the economy.
Plus there is no reason why the town v town things arn't already being done. You dont really need an Admin to set this up. Jiop did it all on his own and wasnt.
He even created his own betting system. I know most towns have pvp arenas already... put them to use guys, you have all the needs available to you already.
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12-15-2020, 03:47 AM,
RE: New Year's Ideas
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