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What class of Jedi, and what level, was Luke when he got one-shotted by on Hoth !?!
02-24-2014, 10:56 PM,
Tongue  What class of Jedi, and what level, was Luke when he got one-shotted by on Hoth !?!
Let's face it - Luke is a fucking terrible healer consular.

NEW HOPE - Homeboy levels by walking around and getting exp from discovering locations on tattoine, and is power leveled by an experienced knight. Meets some DPS along the way who help carry him through. Keeps trying to romance one of his companions he picks up, but can't even heal the tank during boss fight. Loses and rage-quits. Decides to level at GSF, but the enemy is a bunch of PUG losers.

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Welp, now that he's onto the next planet and has to solo he's pretty much screwed. Get's killed by some random elite unit, and is lucky that he was able to CC it with mez. Get's picked up by his guildie. After a losing war-zone he high-tails it to some planet that sounded cool and meets a character who shows him how to not-suck. Even his teacher is concerned he'll end up re-rolling as a sorcerer. Good news is that the operative-girl is doing really well and might be able to lead some HM instances soon. He joins up with the rest of his guildies to do some world event on cloud-city. Shows up late, his gunslinger gets disconnected thanks to carbonate. Some power tech kicks his whole partys ass, and then he loses to a juggernaut who tells him to re-roll so that they can do the [2+ HEROIC: RULE GALAXY AS FATHER AND SON]. Luke leaves the instance and buys some prosthetic gear with Cartel coins.

RETURN OF THE JEDI - Okay so Luke bought some sweet cartel gear and knows his way around tattooine. He finds Jabbas palace and doesn't mind earning a few dark side points since he heard that Hutts don't fuck around. Unfortunately, he makes the wrong choice in conversation and loses a ton of Hutt Cartel reputation. He manages to get captured, then thrown into a rancor pit, but he finally learned how to use his bubble-ability, and is able to keep himself alive long enough for him to figure out that he can skip the fight if he throws a rock at a computer terminal. After god-knows-how-long he and his friends manage to break the carbonate CC on the smuggler. They earn TONS of dark side points for blowing up a skiff loaded with wealthy people/slaves, and only manage to survive because the power tech used his knock-back effect on himself and ended up in the sarlaac (essentially a REALLY crappy arena mechanic). They all leave together, but luke needs to go weekly events on dagobah for exp+. His mentor there tells him that he's quitting (probably because all of the fucking F2Pers), and warns him that Empire storyline is boring. Luke leaves the planet and joins up with a raid-group who want to take down the shield generator on Endor. Once they're on the ground he takes off like a jerk so that he can go do a class-quest on the death-star. But he has to complete it before the server shuts down. He is greeted by that high-rating juggernaut who wants to 1v1 him in frot of his guild-leader. They end up dueling, and luke gets his ass kicked until his opponent's gear breaks and he's vulnerable. Sorcc tells him that he can join the guild if he agrees to re-roll but Luke doesn't want to because his guildmates agree to put up with him. The jugg is pissed off and force-pushes his guild master into a reactor which kills him - and causes him to /delete his character. Jugg also realizes that his class is broken and tells Luke he should just stick with consular since everybody else is either a commando, or a really shitty sniper who doesn't invest in + aim….oh and they all wear the same gear anyway. Luke then rejoins his friends who actually beat the HM instance and is greeted as a hero because he finally hit 55.

Drara Heart
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong...I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles (Audrey Hepburn)

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