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Telcos hate cell phone jammers
11-08-2022, 07:43 AM,
Telcos hate cell phone jammers
At present, many government agencies, unit meeting rooms, gas stations, cinemas and other places have installed mobile phone jammers out of confidentiality or quiet considerations. However, "the city gate caught fire, and the pond fish was affected." As soon as many jammers worked, the mobile phones of the surrounding residents were also dumb. Recently, there have been constant user complaints caused by cellphone signal jammer, but telecom operators are suffering.

This is a piece of news that sounds more professional, but may be of interest to everyone. Recently, the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice, pointing out that the Jiamusi, Daqing, Harbin, Qiqihar, Yichun, Shuangyashan, and Suihua branches of China Telecom Heilongjiang Branch have unauthorized use of radio frequencies, and the base station of China Mobile Heilongjiang Company If the use of frequency jammers causes radio interference, and there is a circumstance of refusing to correct, according to relevant regulations, the clearance will be completed before April 30, and a fine will be imposed.

And this kind of thing also happened in Ji'an Prison. On September 1, the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau received an interference complaint from the municipal telecommunications company, reflecting that there was downlink signal interference at the communication base station in the Huangnitang section of Ji'an North Avenue, the network connection rate was low, and the phone could not be dialed out, causing users to complain and request Check. In order to understand the situation, the Municipal Radio Administration immediately went to the incident site to conduct interference investigation after receiving the complaint. According to the characteristics of the signal spectrum, it is judged that the interference signal comes from the mobile communication mobile phone signal jammer. After direction finding and positioning, the interference source was locked in the prison area of ​​Ji'an Prison.

After verification, the unit has a total of 8 mobile phone signal jammers, which are mainly installed in the prison area and the factory area. The distance between the jammer and the base station is 600 meters. The main purpose of setting up signal jammers in this unit is to prevent police officers and detainees from using mobile phones in the prison area. The equipment has been reported to the bureau for record use. The main reason this time is that the fault of the jammer control center caused the transmission power to be too large and interfered with the base station signal. After the on-site test, the signal of the surrounding communication base stations returned to normal after the Wifi scrambler was turned off on the spot.

Such interference incidents also occurred around the school. On September 22, the Chenzhou Municipal Radio Management Office received a complaint from the municipal telecommunications company, saying that the telecommunications wireless network was interfered with by unknown signals on the campus of No. After leaving the area, the signal service is normal, resulting in local teachers, students and residents unable to use mobile phones to communicate normally. In this regard, the leaders of the management office attached great importance to it, and immediately dispatched technical backbones to carry technical equipment to the interference area for investigation. Through careful analysis, on-site testing, and investigation, it is preliminarily determined that the interference signal comes from the drone signal jammers set up in City No. 3 Middle School. After closing the jammer, the interference disappeared and the communication returned to normal.

Upon inquiry, the school installed cell phone signal jammers in some classrooms to prevent students from using mobile phones to surf the Internet in class. The management office criticized and educated the relevant personnel of the school, reiterated that the mobile phone signal jammer should not be used without approval, and ordered the school to report the rectification situation in writing. The work style of Chenzhou Radio Management Office for serving the people has been highly praised by teachers and students of the school, surrounding residents and the city's telecommunications company.

Finally, the author feels that when formulating the relevant technical specifications of jammers, he hopes to listen to the opinions of the operators of the devices that are interfered with. On the premise of satisfying the function, try not to cause too much impact on the communication network. At present, all regions have their own management methods for jammers, and it is hoped that the country can have a unified method.

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